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Posted by on Jan 5, 2016

It’s not easy being a small business owner. When you are one, everything relies on you.  If you ask any entrepreneur, they will tell you it’s not a good feeling. This responsibility can leave you stressed, uncertain and fearful of what is to come in the future. Because I constantly look for ways to learn and grow, I’m probably uncomfortable most of the time.  It is difficult living with this type of pressure without unplugging at some point.  Which is exactly what I did in December.  Traveling for me serves many purposes.  It allows me to get away from my normal routine and relax.  It also gives me an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and gain new insights on life in general. My decision to travel to Colombia while I had so much work to do with my firm was not easy to make.  I went back and forth on whether it was a good idea to just go away for a whole week.  What if a client needs me?  What if when I return, I won’t have all the money to cover my bills because I was negligent and took a week off?  These types of thoughts flooded my head, and the decision to take a vacation led me to anxiety and much uncertainty.  I pulled

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