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Posted by on Mar 24, 2016

*Ring ring* “Hello…” “Hey Prince… are you sitting down?” “No, I’m leaving Douglas Hall… studying for a final… why? What’s going on?” *pause* “I really need you to be sitting down for this… I have some bad news… Marvin is dead.” “Wait, what?!… Are you f@&kin serious?!…” I remember this conversation like it was yesterday, but it wasn’t. These words were spoken to me by a good friend in my sophomore year at Morehouse College. Marvin had been driving in his vehicle with an unknown female companion when he attempted to make a sharp turn at a high speed. The car flipped over and Marvin was pronounced dead at the scene – as for the passenger; of course, she managed to walk away unscathed. A lot of questions remained unanswered for Marvin’s family, but as I spoke to a large congregation at his funeral, one thing that I knew in the back of my mind was true… alcohol was definitely involved. Fast-forward six years later… I’m at a beer festival with another good friend; lots of beer and lots of good food… an awesome Saturday afternoon that ended with a night of networking, spoken word, and probably the best DJ that Vermont has seen. Unlike some people, I’ve always known what my limit is when it comes to drinking. Actually,

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