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Posted by on Dec 19, 2016

The minute I tell someone that I help people charged with drinking and driving stay out of jail, I see a significant change in their disposition. Either they light up with glee or they look at me like I’m the filthiest person walking and breathing on this earth. As most attorneys know, you develop thick skin the longer you’re in this legal game. However, often times, I’m faced with a varied bag of questions. They range from the absurd like “If I’m drinking and driving, and I get into an accident, but it kinda wasn’t my fault, I can’t really get in trouble for that, right?” All the way to the thought provoking, such as “Do you feel that your job as a defense attorney enables the horrible behavior of society?” I find them all entertaining, and I oftentimes play around with an answer just to see the reaction I get. But, there are a few questions that I get asked way too often about DUI’s. In the hopes of shedding light on what a lot of people may want to know, I have outlined a few to appease your appetite to learn. 1. What Should I Do If I’m Asked to take a Field Sobriety Test? There are a wide range of field sobriety tests including the horizontal gaze

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