Prince Williams, Esq.


AVID Injury & Criminal Defense Law Firm was founded in

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

2014 with and proudly serves Montgomery and the surrounding counties. The firm has grown and expanded with a wider focus on Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Claims. Having been a member of the bar since 2012, Mr. Prince Williams, Esq. is licensed to practice in all state courts in Maryland. The legal team at AVID Injury & Criminal Defense Law Firm is devoted to providing you with excellent legal services and dedicated Maryland Personal Injury and Accident Injury representation. If you have a legal issue regarding any type of Personal Injury in Maryland, AVID can help you. When establishing AVID Injury & Criminal Defense Law Firm, Attorney Williams made it his goal to provide every client with individualized attention, something he feels is sometimes lost in larger law firms. He offers a personal commitment to his clients, establishing trust between attorney and client can do nothing but make it easier to work together, which is very important considering how much is riding on your case.

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