How Could a Drug Conviction Affect Your Future?

Posted on : January 9, 2018
Drug Conviction Attorney, Prince Williams

If you have recently been accused of any drug related crime, you need insight from a criminal defense attorney to protect you and your rights. Even a small or seemingly minor criminal conviction can have implications for your future and makes it all the more important that you retain a criminal defense attorney. This is particularly true if you are accused of a drug claim, such as drug distribution or drug possession. Criminal charges can have life altering ramifications if you are convicted. In the vast majority of cases, police will arrest someone when they find drug paraphernalia and illegal drugs possessed by that person or in the person’s vehicle or house.

In both of these scenarios, serious charges and conviction consequences may be assessed. The worst thing about any criminal conviction is that it can follow you with a criminal record, which may stay with for many years. A misdemeanor drug conviction will stay on your record and be available for the public for several years before it can be expunged; if it is eligible to be expunged. A felony conviction, however, will stay on your record and be available to the public for more years.

If you think you’re better off fighting these charges on your own or hiring a public defender, this can be a big mistake. You cannot afford to make such a mistake. The right lawyer will look into all options for avoiding criminal consequences as soon as possible. This step alone makes the right lawyer worth it.

Furthermore, you may be unable to obtain necessary financial aid support if you are looking to go to college or pursue other educational opportunities. Because of all of the consequences on the line for a potential drug conviction, it is imperative to look into every possible defense strategy immediately after you have been accused. This is the only way to figure out whether or not mistakes were made in your case that could ultimately compromise the integrity of the prosecution’s claims. You simply cannot afford to wait to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer who cares.