Should You Hire a Lawyer for a 3rd Offense DUI in Maryland?

Posted on : July 18, 2018
DUI Defense in Maryland, Prince Williams

Being arrested for a DUI — whether it’s for the first time or for a second or third offense — is a frightening and upsetting experience. While it’s important to consult with an attorney any time you are arrested for drinking and driving, it becomes absolutely critical to have an experienced defense attorney on your side when you are facing penalties for a third offense. Here’s what you could be looking at if you’re convicted and how to choose an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights under Maryland law.

Third Offense DUI Penalties

If you are charged with a third offense DUI and are found guilty, you could face serious penalties including jail time, heavy fines, the loss of your license, and a permanent criminal record. The State of Maryland imposes a fine of up to $3,000 on individuals who are convicted of a third offense DUI, and up to three years incarceration in a state prison. Additionally, up to 12 points can be assessed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, meaning that a person could lose their license immediately. Ignition interlock and monitoring, as well as mandatory alcohol counseling, may be required.

Compared to a first offense DUI, the penalties for a third offense are much harsher. A person convicted of a first offense DUI only stands to incur up to a year of jail time.

What an Experienced Maryland DUI Defense Attorney Can Do for You

If you were charged with a third offense DUI, an attorney can help. First and foremost, your attorney will attempt to have the charges against you dismissed. This may be by proving that the officer had no cause to stop you in the first place, or that the evidence that you were intoxicated at the time of your arrest was compromised in some way. Failing that, your attorney will attempt to have your charges and/or the penalties reduced. For example, your DUI lawyer may be able to negotiate probation for you instead of jail time or counseling instead of fines.

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