What Can I Do to Prevent a Rear-End Car Crash?

Posted on : September 18, 2019

Rear-end collisons are common and can range from a simple bump at a stop light to a high-speed accident that results in critical injuries or even death. Here’s how you can avoid a rear-end accident and what steps to take if you do happen to be involved in one.

How to Prevent a Rear-End Collision

1. Don’t follow other cars too closely.

Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you — ideally one car length for every ten miles per hour you’re driving or more. If they stop suddenly, this gives you enough time to react and slow down before you collide with them.

2. Avoid driving while distracted.

Distracted driving increases the risk of causing a car accident substantially, especially a rear-end one. Avoid distractions like eating and driving or changing the climate controls frequently when you can, and don’t text and drive under any circumstances.

3. Fix broken taillights as soon as possible.

Walk around your car every so often and check your brake lights. Replace them as needed to make sure you’re always visible by other cars at night. Don’t drive without fully operating brake lights (or any other light); this makes it easier for other cars to miss you.

4. Avoid slamming on your brakes.

Slamming on your brakes, especially if someone is close behind you, increases the risk of a rear-end collision. You should only do so when it’s unavoidable; whenever possible, come to a stop gradually.

5. Let aggressive drivers go around you.

Don’t engage with drivers who appear to be aggressive or intoxicated. Instead, pull over to the side of the road or slow down so they can pass you.

6. Don’t drive when you’re tired.

Driving tired has been shown to be as much of an impairment as driving after having a few drinks. If you’re drifting off behind the wheel, you may miss when someone ahead of you slows down or stops. Pull over if you’re fatigued or ask someone else to drive for you until you’ve rested.

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