What Should I Say After a Car Accident?

Posted on : March 19, 2019
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After a car accident, adrenaline is running high.

It can be hard to think rationally about what you should (and shouldn’t say), but what comes out of your mouth at the scene of a car crash can have a significant impact on any case you want to bring forward in the future. Here are some examples of good things to say when you’re involved in a car accident.

What to Say

“Is everyone okay?”

Always check to see if anyone needs emergency medical attention after a car accident.

“What’s your name and address?”

It’s important to get the other driver’s contact information, including their name, address, and phone number. You should also provide your identifying information to them.

“What is your insurance information?”

You should request their insurance information too, even if the accident was minor and they ask to settle up with you privately instead of reporting the accident to insurance. Provide them with a copy of your insurance information as well.

“Did anyone witness the accident?”

If anyone nearby watched the accident happen, get their name and number. Their testimony could prove to be extremely valuable.

What Not to Say

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

You should never apologize after an accident, even if you just mean that you’re sorry that the accident happened. This could be construed as admitting fault. You also don’t want to actually admit fault, such as you didn’t see the other driver in their vehicle before the accident.

“My brakes haven’t been working well lately, I need to get them fixed.”

Avoid discussing any issues with your car. If you do, it’s easy to argue that you knew about the problems and that they were a danger to yourself and others, and that you were negligent in getting the issue corrected.

“I’m sorry, I was texting.”

Texting and driving is illegal, so you should never admit to using your cell phone in any way just prior to the accident. There’s a good chance that your phone records will be pulled anyway to determine if you were texting and driving.

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