5 Things to consider when getting a speeding ticket

Posted on : December 4, 2014

Speeding tickets are on the rise. Something about the summer makes people want to drive faster…or maybe just get out of the heat. The influx of speeding cameras everywhere are also adding to this phenomena. No one is safe. Speeding cameras are more worrisome to me because I feel as though I’m being singled out and punished for something everyone is doing. I use to think my only real solution was to pay the stupid $100-200 fine. But when you know better, you do better. You may think paying a $150 fine is no big deal, but it is. That’s two weeks worth of groceries….One week at Whole Foods…..It could be money for a light bill. It could even be a little something to boost the savings account. Listed below are 5 things to consider when getting a speeding violation:

1. There’s No Use Trying to Talk Your Way Out of a Speeding Ticket.

Let’s face it, a lot of police officers are assholes. Most conversations with them end up being a disappointment anyway. Make it easy. Don’t talk to the police officers, let them write their ticket and be on their way. If you’re in a city where majority of the speeding citations are through a speeding camera, you certainly won’t be able to talk your way out of that one. But you will be able to fight your way by hiring a Traffic Attorney.

2. Your Out of Pocket Cost Will Be Much More Than The Actual Citation.

Paying a “payable” ticket is an admission of guilt which means, the state will issue points to your driving record based on the citation. The citation is sent to the Motor Vechicle Administration (MVA), and added to your record for a period of two years. The unknown fact is the accumilation of points usually mean an increase in premiums from your insurance provider. Unfortunately, while points chill on your driving record, your insurance carrier can look at your record and potentially increase your insurance premium fees for that entire time.

3. Failure To Respond Could Lead To The Suspension of Your Driver’s License.

Typically there is a thirty day period from the date a ticket is issued for the accused to make a decision. Be responsible and don’t ignore it. I am guilty of doing this myself. So much so, I owed over $2,000 in tickets and eventually ended up getting my car booted and towed within the span of 25 minutes. Needless to say, that wasn’t a good day. Avoid this sort of mishap. Make the decision within the prescribed thirty days to do something about it. Otherwise that speeding ticket could be stuck with you. Next thing you know, the fine has doubled and your license has been suspended. Now you’re a failure who can’t legally drive. No bueno. Oh, and please don’t get caught driving on a suspended license. You’re now looking at more fees and even possible jail time. Do you really have time for that?

4. You May Have Ammunition to Fight Your Speeding Ticket and Avoid Paying the Ticket Altogether.

It is always possible to appear before a judge and explain why you committed the violation and request that your fine be reduced or waived and that you be given probation rather than a citation. The judge will then issue a verdict that may or may not work in your favor. Take a look at your ticket and see if there is any speeding ticket defense that might cause it to be dismissed. Ask for the police reports and other discovery you can get and look at it for inconsistencies. And if you feel overwhelmed, call a Maryland traffic lawyer.

5. Hiring A Traffic Lawyer Is Not a Bad Idea.

Traffic lawyers are great at helping you contest your speeding tickets without requiring much of your time and energy. When you enter a not guilty plea, you’ve accepted your right to a trial. You’ll be given the opportunity to challenge your citation by either representing yourself or hiring legal counsel. When you hire legal counsel you increase your chances of a favorable decision, resulting in the charges being dismissed or reduced. All this is possible, without you even stepping a foot in the courtroom. As a result, you avoid incurring points, save yourself from a suspended driver’s license and prevent a spike in your current car insurance rates. Now that sounds like a win win situation!!

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