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How Can I Defend Against Maryland Methamphetamine Charges?

Posted on : July 30, 2019
If you were charged with the possession of meth in Maryland, you stand to face life-changing penalties, including jail time, thousands of dollars in fines, and a permanent criminal record. Here’s what you should know about federal and state meth laws and how you can defend your rights under the law after being charged with [Read More]
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What If The Drugs Weren’t In My Possession?

Posted on : April 10, 2018
Drug Possession Attorney in Maryland, Prince Williams
What Happens If The Drugs Weren’t In Your Possession? When charged with drug possession, police officers have generally found the drugs in question and have assumed they belong to you. This may seem like a slam dunk — how can you possibly argue that the drugs the police found weren’t yours? Depending on the evidence [Read More]
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What You Need to Know About Illegal Hallucinogen Charges in Maryland

Posted on : May 9, 2017
Maryland criminal attorney
Common illegal hallucinogenic drugs include Psilocybin, also referred to as mushrooms, Peyote, MDMA or Mescaline. MDMA is the official chemical name of ecstasy, may also be referred to as “molly”. State drug enforcement officers in Maryland as well as the Drug Enforcement Agency have put a greater emphasis on making arrests for illegal hallucinogenic drugs [Read More]
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