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AVID Injury & Criminal Defense Law FIrm, assure the desired outcome and return the client to life as it was before the incident occurred. Trust in a firm that will fight for your rights and your freedom.  Your future may depend on our drug crimes defense, make sure that you have the best chance by consulting with a qualified attorney who knows your local laws.


Drug Possession

Protect your Rights and your Life

Drug possession charges do not have to result in sentencing that can disrupt one’s way of life. With strong representation, an individual can build an aggressive case that will result in a reduced sentence, allowing one to return to a normal standard of living. Utilizing a generalized criminal law firm, the client will find that the lawyers on the team do not possess a keen working knowledge of drug possession laws, resulting in undesired outcomes in the courtroom proceedings. Choosing AVID, Clients will find an experienced team, dealing only with those criminal cases in the areas of drug possession, which work zealously on their behalf to assure the desired outcome and return the client to life as it was before the incident occurred.

Drug Possession charges can lead to a variety of sentencing outcomes, ranging in severity and cost. These can include such outcomes as:

  • Minimum civil offense sentences resulting in fines up to $1,000, several days’ incarceration or potential community service
  • Misdemeanor sentence resulting in fines of $1,000 or more in addition to incarceration time
  • A maximum felony sentence of a large fine and several years in prison.

In the case of a repeat offender, the charges can often result in increasingly strict sentencing that can lead to a complete disruption of life for the client. With knowledgeable, dedicated law representation such as AIVD, these costly penalties can be prevented. With AVID law associates, one can expect the utmost commitment to successful results and the best outcome for our clients. Our attorneys have extensive experience and will do our best to protect our client’s rights and build a strong case. This may include providing unique solutions, based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, such as the alternative option of rehabilitation rather than jail time. Our firm will work diligently to protect each client’s livelihood, and rigorously prepare an aggressive defense of your individual rights.

What to Expect During Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, the client can expect confidentiality during the one on one interactions with their lawyer, and throughout the lifecycle of the case. Both the client and attorney will work cooperatively, the initial goal to build a concise picture of the case’s scope, including the issues in which the client is currently facing. Once a clear understanding has been established, of the full spectrum of the problem, we will agree on a customized solution that meets the client’s ultimate goals and put forth our best efforts of work towards that desired result. The advantages and disadvantages of each option for the case will be deliberated on, as well as deciding on a preferred course of action. We will also elect alternative plans and have them in place, just in case the favored outcome does not take place.

Our team of lawyers will utilize our unique, client-based strategies when determining which options are suitable for the desired outcomes of success. One can be assured that we will help our clients to fully understand every step of the entire process as much as possible, as well as help them know what to expect as we review and analyze the case.

What to Expect During Criminal Law/ Drug Possession Proceedings

AVID will be there to support and assist each individual client; from the initial consultation and the hiring of our firm, through to the resolution of the client’s case. There are no guarantees when facing any criminal accusations, including those cases in which drug possession charges have been placed. Each client’s situation is unique and therefore may present various challenges our firm will address to assure the case has been handled with the utmost care and attention. Our firm’s primary goal is to assist our clients in a feeling of self-efficacy towards reaching the desired results in court proceedings, making the best impression possible upon the justice system.

The result is often a reduced sentence, as our team sheds light on errors within the prosecution’s case, which can only be achieved by a team that possesses experience with drug possession proceedings, as is the case within our firm. AVID can also assist defense clients in saving valuable time by navigating the entire criminal proceeding for them, every step of the way. Our firm upholds a record for assisting clients in decreasing fines, as well as collateral fees, often totaling thousands of dollars in reductions. Our firm will also work to maintain and protect our client’s reputation. Through our prior years of experience in this particular area of criminal law, our firm has developed a keen understanding for the entire proceeding, enabling us to warn individuals of any unforeseen threats.

Prior Experience in Drug Possession Laws will make the Difference

AVID has accumulated extensive qualifications and Attorney experience, excelling in the area of criminal law involving drug possession. Our Attorneys understand every side of the story and have quality trial experience. We utilize every resource available to us to build a strong case and use many defenses for drug possession charges, depending on what is relevant to our client’s case. Drug possession defense strategies can include, though not limited to, the following:

  • Unlawful search and seizure – The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantee’s the right to due process of law, including lawful search and seizure procedures prior to an arrest.
  • Drugs belonging to someone else.
  • Unwitting possession; client was unaware of possessed paraphernalia
  • Crime lab analysis: prosecution must prove the seized substance is the same illicit drug that the client was charged with possessing.
  • Missing evidence previously seized from the defendant.
  • Lack of possession
  • Planted evidence and abuse of authorities powers
  • Entrapment
  • Duress or Coercion
  • Exception for medical marijuana.
  • An invalid search warrant, which can derive from a number of aspects but ultimately and often results in dismissal of the case.
  • Illegal stop, detention, or search

Our firm is dedicated to achieving the most successful outcome for each unique case, with a client-centered strategy one can only achieve with years of experience and focus. Each case will be unique, therefore it will be handled in such a fashion as to remain sensitive to the entire circumstances involving the charges. This includes working in the most responsive, ethical and cost-reducing fashion, utilizing unique solutions for a variety of drug possession areas including:

  • Drug Possession
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Prescription Drugs
Prior Accomplishments Equates to Successful Outcomes

AVID has assisted client’s defense against serious drug possession charges through its numerous years since inception, including possession with intent to distribute. In each unique case, the client was able to resume life without the burden of a drug possession charge drastically impacting their lives. Once we have a full understanding of our client, the firm is enabled to advocate for the individual in a more effective manner. The collaborative goals of client and lawyer, paired together with our expertise and understandings of the nuances within the criminal law system, make prior accomplishments work for successful outcomes in each unique case. Our firm has secured dismissals in a number of high-profile cases, including the utmost of felony charges within State courts. This is accomplished by utilizing an effective strategy, beginning with a consultation that is consistent through final results.

Proven Legal Strategy Developed for Results

Only through years of experience, can a firm developed a winning strategy that will produce a successful outcome. This includes dedicating a team of experienced lawyers to the specific areas of drug possession, obtaining a deeper understanding of the current laws surrounding these charges than is possible in a generalized firm. The results are noteworthy and beneficial to each unique client. The second aspect of a winning strategy delves from the belief that each client is diverse, both in personal needs and pending situation. Therefore, our firm dedicates an equal amount of diligence to understanding each unique case to provide results the client will find exemplary. Once an understanding has been developed concerning the client’s circumstances, our team of lawyers will begin to develop a defense, often utilizing the most creative of methods, to assure that the outcome is one of success.

Having the Right Lawyer is Essential for the Outcome

We make it our responsibility to truly understand our clients and their wants and needs, as our representation is completely client centered. Obtaining legal aid and representation from a firm that specializes in Drug Possession charges is essential for the desired outcome, as the years’ experience can not be duplicated by firms with far less working knowledge of the justice system. Proper legal assistance should be a marriage of knowledge, concerning the client and court proceedings that are utilized to provide the highest quality solution. Trusting a team of experts, that have dedicated themselves to achieving the highest traits of litigation, will result in the opportunity to resume life with minimal disruptions and avoid lasting effects upon reputation, family, client and life.

We at AVID also believe that possessing a positive mind frame is essential for achieving the desired results in any situation, including when one is facing criminal accusations such as Drug Possession. Each client can expect personalized care throughout the proceedings, encouragement in self-confidence when facing charges and focus that can only be achieved through AVID services. In combination with experience and expertise, each client can rest assured they are in the hands of the highest quality law firm in the State.