What Police Are Looking for In Maryland DUI Cases?

Posted on : June 12, 2017
Maryland DUI attorney, Prince Williams

No one want to be arrested for DUI. Even the accusation of driving under the influence can be embarrassing and require your time off work to meet with an attorney and attend hearings. Trying to defend yourself is often your top concern and speaking with a lawyer is the first thing you need to consider after an arrest.

When you are pulled over and accused of driving under the influence, this is a serious matter that can prompt you to suffer from anxiety and anger immediately. However, maintaining your calm in the face of this stressful situation can assist you, should you ultimately be charged with DUI. Police officers in Maryland who are aiming to build a case against a driver who may be under the influence or impaired will often ask that driver if they have been drinking.

If you answer that you have been drinking, the officer now has further information and ammunition to administer tests to determine the level of your impairment. There are two primary ways that officers typically attempt to find out if the driver is impaired or under the influence of alcohol: breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests. Whether you participate in these tests depends on the state of your driving record and the details of the incident. Bear in mind that both of these kinds of test are prone to oversights and mistakes and they must be administered in a way that is in line with national and state guidelines. Police officers must adhere to strict regulations when it comes to breathalyzer tests.

Although the Maryland state limit for blood alcohol content is 0.08, a driver can still be classified as impaired at a lower BAC level. Given that breathalyzer tests are prone to mechanical failure and human error, these are not 100% reliable and this is why it is important that you consult with your attorney as soon as possible after you have been accused of a DUI. Police officers do make mistakes and these could lead to the protection of your rights and a serious case so do not wait to get help after being accused of DUI while the information is still fresh in your mind.