Can a Motorcycle Helmet Save Your Life?

Posted on : December 13, 2018
Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately not all that uncommon. However, injuries tend to be lessened when the rider is wearing the proper protective gear. Learn about what Maryland law has to say about helmets when riding a motorcycle and how it may save your life in the event that you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.

Maryland Helmet and Eye Protection Laws

Unfortunately, not all states have a helmet law. However, Maryland is not one of those states. To legally ride or operate a motorcycle, you must wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Make sure that your helmet fits properly and has a DOT sticker prominently displayed on the back. Never purchase a helmet that does not have a DOT sticker.

Additionally, Maryland motorcycle riders must have an approved eye protection device before riding or operating their motorcycle. Eye protective devices can range from goggles that are in addition to a DOT helmet, or a face shield that is incorporated into a DOT helmet.

How a Motorcycle Helmet and Eye Protection Helps Protect You

Motorcycle helmets cannot prevent collisions, but they can help protect your head and brain in the event a crash occurs. A helmet will reduce and disperse the force of the collision against your head created by the impact of the crash. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycle helmets reduce the chances of fatality by 37%, and brain injuries by 67% in a motorcycle collision.

Goggles, face masks, or helmets with face shields protect your eyes from debris during a collision. It’s not uncommon for broken glass, rocks, sticks, and other debris to be thrown at you during a motorcycle crash. By keeping it out of your eyes, you protect one of your most important senses — your vision.

Other Recommended Riding Gear

Although helmets and protective eye wear are required by law, there is other protective gear that is highly recommended and required for motorcycle safety courses sponsored by the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Full fingered gloves
  • Long pants, ideally made of a thick material like denim or leather
  • A long sleeved shirt or ideally a denim or leather jacket
  • Boots or shoes that go up over the ankle

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Get Help Today

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